describes a good friend , or a promient firgure
by dick Sheenery September 29, 2022
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1.Yes!! (in an excited way)
2.What's up!!??
3.I'm here!!
5.A general term of excitement, it's a pretty random word
1. a)you wanna go down town tonight?

2. a)I got y'all tickets to see Em n 50!
by Eminem's no1 ever fan June 3, 2005
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Safa is the sexiest man in the world he loves all of his friends (no homo) he has an amazing personality he's funny af and all the women love him he is easily one of the most masculine person in school with his homie Mohammed although his other homie abdullah punches for real when play fighting like a lil bitch.
Yaboi Safa is that one hot guy that is also funny af.
by Yaboi Safa March 9, 2022
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Term of endearment used by people on Discord, referring to children who take place in being extremely attracted, or gay, to one another.
Person 1: Hey, I heard you hang with Yaboys!
Person 2: Oh yeah, it was quite a gay time!
by genericgamerdefinitions March 24, 2021
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