Originating from 4chan, this phrase is a popular internet meme meaning "why hello there" and followed by "buttsecks". Commonly used to mock AOL Kids in internet conversations.
<XxGrrlPowahxX> hi howru
<yns88> Y helo thar buttsecks.
by yns88 February 05, 2005
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Stands for "Why Hello There." It is then followed up by the word "buttsecks" which is Internet slang for "anal sex."

It is greatly used on the WWEGSB.
New girl: Hello, I'm new to the WWEGSB. I'm a girl!

Random noob boys: y helo thar buttsecks
by Scooter June 06, 2004
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Phrase which originated from the "Attention Whore" animation.

Means "Hello, want to have anal sex?"

Currently a fad catchphrase on LUE.
LUEser: Y helo thar, butsecks? LOLOLOL
Woman: If you come near me again I'll fucking call the cops.
by LUEser February 20, 2004
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