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sad little fuckers who can't spell, or co-ordinate their fingers to type in a keyboard properly. See n00bs.
<AOLmunchkin> HELLO!!!111 lolz.
<FatTony> Well, if it ain't the stench on society's a-hole. How you doing, assbaby?
<AOLmunchkin> Wot?/
<FatTony> Never you mind your small, feeble head.
<AOLmunchkin> fuk u,, ura suk, u stopid fukhad.
<FatTony> And how.
<AOLmunchkin> brb,, i gotta go 2 teh tiolet!1 lolz.
<FatTony> How is that funny?
<AOLmunchkin> ura looser.
<FatTony> Says the unco-ordinated hick with a Mountain Dew bottle up his/her/its ass. Might I note that the Mountain Dew bottle is full of Mountain Dew. Painful enema, mayhaps?
<AOLmunchkin> fak u man

And then the assyness will continue into the night.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 08, 2003
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The stereotypes of the Internet. They are generally recognized by their horrible grammar and spelling, annoying and disruptive behavior, and huge egos. They can also be recognized by typing in alternating caps(as seen in my example)for entire conversations for no apparent reason. Though they may not even use AOL, this is what the rest of society labels them as.
"hEy gUrL iM A sk8Er bOi aNd iM sTuPiD as hELL cAuSe i cAnt eVeN wRiTe cOrrEcTlY mUcH lEss rEaD mY gRaMMer suks BTW aNd i dUnno wHat pUncUaTioN is OMG LOLOLOLOLZ~~~!!!1 hEy do u hAve tHe neWeSt cd oF tHe bAnd wE luv sO mUcH OMG LOLOLOLOL~~~!!!1 ur cool lolz hEy i g2g ttyl cya byez OMG LOLOLOL~~~!!!1"
by this guy September 17, 2004
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Internet surfers who act lame, foolish, or just childish. They are also known to spam, flame, misspell words in ways you never knew words could be misspelled, write in extreme shorthand or l33tspeak, accuse other users of hacking without cause, TeamKill (in onnline games) and other online idiocies. The person being refered to as an AOL Kid may or may not actually use AOL, and may or may not be a minor. Also used as a noun as a place for such people to go.
Go back to AOL Kids you idiot.
by AlexMax April 08, 2003
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the stupidest people on earth.

the reason why people are worried about education not working

omg mr c, i nede sum hed can u plz giv it 2 me i die here... brb g2g p n den i b out 4 a while...
AOL Kids are stupid...
by Josh April 08, 2003
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a place to talk to ur friends and family instead of using the the way this is abbey town speakin!!!holla!
havin the phone attached to ur ear all day is a bad thing to do cuz it starts to hurt ur ear!!
by abbey February 21, 2004
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