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A fast spreading disease. Highly Communicable among nerds, geeks, Gamers, and haxors, the disease is spread by contact of the game "Halo 3".
Symptoms include:
Rapid weight loss or gain
Atrophy of social life
atrophy of sexual life
Permanent damage to thumbs, eyeballs, and ears.

There is no known cure as of yet.
Nic>"I dont think I'll be able to make it in to work today"(deadly sounding cough).

Boss>"Oh? whats the matter? are you sick?"

Nic>"yes(cough)I seem to have caught the Xpox(sneeze) thats going around"

Boss>"Oh! well take all the time you need".

Nic>"Thank you sir(wheeze)Im feeling dizzy, I have to go now"

Boss>"Feel better. Bye" (hangs up)

Nic>(hangs up) "Sucker!"(Halo 3 music blares in the background)
by W33Z7Y September 20, 2007
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A shit console that came from Bill Gates' arse and shud be shoved back up there manually. Copies every PS2 and GC games because it cant make any proper game of its own.
Halo....pah Tiara more like
by Duckman D October 01, 2003
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