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A retarded dude who thinks male MSU cheerleaders are hot! In other words, he is the salami in an all male sandwich.
xJokerz is a homo!
by scott91801 March 29, 2009
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A dude that has no life other than sitting on message boards all day long, bumping threads at the end of the night to boost his post count higher because it makes him feel like less of an ass muncher.

Will die alone with a picture of himself in the mirror.
You just pulled a XJokerz by reporting his ass, don't you feel real cool now?
by Stephen Spanier March 26, 2009
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This is a 40 year old man that has no fucking life that cares more about posting on a sports message board than actually watching sports...This 40 year old man says "OWNED, ME>YOU, LMFAO AT YOU." in his spare time...If you see this dude on ESPN.COM message boards point and laugh at this no fucking life 40 year old loser...
xjokerz- 40 year old freak/man
xjokerz- a loser
by Brad#12 July 19, 2009
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A complete tool. A loser who thinks they are god or king, but has absolutley no
life. I could keep going on, but this would be too long.
Look at this guy on the message board, he is such an xjokerz.
by UltimateSportsGenius March 26, 2009
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A guy who begins to go bald once he hits 20, and will be completey bald by his mid 20's.
Xjokerz syndrome happened to this douchbag I know, even rogain couldn't help out the poor sap.
by twistmoney March 22, 2009
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An internet troll who gets welfare checks from grandma, and has to use the
mirror to take pictures of himself because he has no friends.
xJokerz likes to squat on bowling pins
by scott91801 March 27, 2009
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1. Having to constantly discus your personal life and issues on ESPN messageboards because no one likes you and your parents dress you funny

2. A premature ejaculator

3. Fecal matter
1. After my girlfriend dumped me, I was so lonely that I took off my Members Only jacket and Xjokerz'd the night away.

2. RedSoxFan3358's mother gave me such good head last night that I pulled an xjokerz all over her face

3. Man, Bob's nacho cheese dip had me up xjokerzing all night!
by KingFelixOwnsYourMom July 03, 2009
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