look at it side ways. It means angry annoyed face
by sunshinerainbowbrat October 31, 2009
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The term most commonly used for SQL injection. SQL Injection is when a user inputs a certain code into a PHP automated form which is vunerable so that the user can obtain valuable informaion, ex. a list of passwords.
You go to a forum and do a member lookup on x' OR 'x' = 'x
The mySQL query would look something like SELECT * from members WHERE user = x' OR 'x' = 'x'. This query, instead of returning the member "x" would return every member in the database. This isint useful, but in other cases it would be.
by <b>sniper</b> July 18, 2006
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It means "I'm Dead..." using an emoticon instead of actually saying it.
Bob: Hey dude, I heard to die when ever someone says 'Orange Balls'

Joe: Yep, x ̯ x

Bob: Oh, Sorry Dude!

Joe: *Joe Will Never Answer Again.... He's Dead*
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asshole emoticon that's easier to text drunk than (_*_)
"Can u believe the world still hasn't got a 3 character emoticon for )x( ? Oh crap... it does now!"
by doktorag December 14, 2014
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Pronounced as “ex.” The debatably new “terrible” or “terrifying” name for the formerly known Twitter app, which reminds billions of kids and their parents worldwide of their dreaded years-long school algebra.
Are the days of X numbered, especially when two key rivals are exploring whether or not they’d also be renaming some of their subsidiaries Y and Z to strategically create confusion and chaos on social media?
by Fasters July 25, 2023
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