A magical formula that will calculate how fast you will drive. Simply put speed limit in for x and solve.
The speed limit in residential areas is 25. Now to apply the x+10 rule, 25+10 is 35. You will drive 35 miles per hour in residential areas.
by JNBa October 8, 2009
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Commonly used on the internet to rate a trolling. Most of the time, X=0.
(Promptly after a Duckroll)
"10/10, op, you got me good."


"0/10 op, we all knew it was coming. fag."

The math:

X/10 = E(Q3) +2R /F
R= dubs, trips, quads, pents, hex, sects, octs. (If monos, R=0)
X= rating, E= trolling, F= faggotry of OP
by Anonymooseter May 10, 2011
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1. The standard wheel size for the Bentalade.
2. Also the diameter of the known universe.
Put 1.5 x 10^28" rims on tha Escalade.
Shit shat shitty shat, thems the 1.5 x 10^28" rims.
by Sly O.D. March 3, 2007
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X X 10 01 X quite literally translates to "Toby fuckin sucks"
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear about Toby?
Guy 2: Yeah - that guy fuckin sucks
Guy 1: Haha, yeah, X X 10 01 X
by Strictlytruffz March 21, 2023
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The bestest car in the world! The same car used by.... Angelica the Spy!!

(James Bond Theme plays)
The same thing I just wrote above
by Dorko October 9, 2004
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when a person jacks off and successfully ejaculates 10 times in one day
"it took me all day to reach 10 X"
by 10 X April 21, 2010
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1. The slope of Jensen Ackles' beautiful booty

2. The only equation that actually matters
1. Fangirl: *sees picture of the Ackles ass* ASDFGHJKL SO BOOTYFUL!!! y=-(sin(x^(1.7/6)+4)+(1/x))+10!!!

2. Now that I know the equation that gives the human race life, I no longer feel the need to participate in math class. *drops out of school to watch Supernatural full-time*
by eat-the-fluffies-or-die April 5, 2015
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