Literally "what you on". Can be used two ways. Either meant to see what you're doing, or used to see what you're trying to do (in terms of what your intentions are).
1: Wassup? Wyo tn?
2: Shit. Chillin prolly. Wat up?
1: Ima pull up in a few.

M: You're so damn fine!!

W: Ah thanks, but... wyo?
M: I'm on u lbs, wyo?
W: I'm only on u. Let's link.
by milslang May 13, 2018
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An abbreviation commonly known as ' What You On ? '

Its used it just like the phrases ' Fuck You Mean ' or ' What You Talkin' Bout ? '
- " I saw you and Tammy kissing yesterday "

- " WYO ? We broke up last week . "
by NiggaWhisperer May 31, 2013
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What you on?” Basically a hookup term to get straight to the point ; when someone hits you up with wyo at 2 in the morning ,you know what’s up.
Boy: Aye Wyo?
Girl: Nun much, wyo?
Boy: Pull up?
Girl: Bet, don’t flake
by Esketttttiiiiittttt June 24, 2018
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“ What you one “ is when someone tryna get at you like fw with you or just flirt to see what you gonna say for they can just make their move.
Wassuh shawty wyo 😏

Wyo mane im tryna fw with you
by Bigdawg4x November 9, 2020
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