The boy you meet online who always is using emotiocons and uses old memes from 2012.

He rarly talks but he makes sure you know he loves you, even if its by using :3's ans owo's.
Wow, Wug start using 2018 words please
by Justsomefurry July 26, 2018
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Touching someone's nose with your nose. Like an Eskimo kiss.
Person 1: Let me wug you!
Person 2: Okay!
Person 1: *WUG*
by Wugalot June 23, 2013
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To Hug about the waist
He gave her a wug before kissing her.
by qwerpoiuty April 11, 2010
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a. noun
A white thug, who thinks he is gangster and hard. Even tho he is more than likely not. One who tries to steel like other thugs but just can't seem to do it. Why? because they can't blend into the night like they can.
Wife: Honey, the TV isn't floating this time!

Husband: Yea, it's just Wug ass Timmy trying to steal it again, but he can't do it as good as Domineque. Because Domineque can blend in into the dark cause he black.
by Kevin Baines March 06, 2006
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white thug, as oppsed to wigger composed of white and *igger
That guy is a wug.
by Aosam Aosbe April 04, 2003
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in "Snail"dialect, an exclamation of disgust, patented by Jess, the second-in-command
She's not answering? oh, wug.
by Snail-herder December 03, 2004
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