when your friend throws the fucking freespee on the highway
Guy 1: Come on, throw it
Guy 2: *throws it on the highway*
Guy 1: WTF richard?
by fpenfqoNFPwqpOF September 12, 2017
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Performing an action that is beyond excusabe, and is incredibly stupid.
-Laquitaniqua just ate your chicken...
by ARK0 March 05, 2010
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When a male named Stephen says something so inappropriate or revolting that you can’t help but exclaim your shock out loud.
Stephen* “keep that up and I’ll shit in your pillowcases”
You* “WTF Stephen!”
by jazzyfay January 27, 2021
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This is a common syndrom that usually occurs to people within the ages of 15-25. This syndrom usually affects emotionally unstable people that are fat and have bad acne. The cause of this syndrom is usually applied when an alcoholic wakes up on sunday morning with hangover and realizes that they were left on the beach in central canada naked, during the harshest winter of the decade.
oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, where the fuck am i?! holy fuck im going to be in urbandictionary because i have wtf syndrom.
by VANbillA May 20, 2008
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1. A series of fucked up events that are all connected and plowing ahead full steam like a train.
2. The beginning of a series of fucked events.
"Did you see the new supervisor has no experience AND is friends with the owner? Time to board the WTF train!"
"Today was so awful, I took a ride on the WTF train."
by bigfuzz January 10, 2014
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An exclamatory phrase to be used when angrily leaving, or rage quitting, a Facebook group, as if somebody gives a flying farfignewton of a fuck. Helps if you're leaving because you're offended because other people are offended.
Though he was but a humble man, his name was legendary. For it was the name to exclaim when you throw a fit and leave a group. Whether or not he had anything to do with one’s anger, it simply became a “bye Felicia” for gen xers. “Wtf Wykeve!?” - Dusty Reynolds
by krazykingkeve December 10, 2017
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