internet shorthand for "where are you," usually used in a comedic, rhetorical, or sarcastic fashion. Now used also in common conversation.
Billymain: I am tired, I'm going to log on and stop playing, ok.
Dumonyu: wru stamina???
Prettyfly: wru dedication???
by Dumonyu August 28, 2003
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* short hand for "where are you?" when text messaging or chatting online.
* also spelled "rue", "ru" and "roo"
Jan sends a text to John, "wru". John texts back, "on my way".
by boobiestar April 19, 2009
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adj. wrussin', wrussed, wrusses.
Derived from "what r u saying." Can be used to question an individuals moaning, bitching, whining, or general dislike of a certain situation.
1)An angry male gets in your face at a bar, you ask him politely "why you wurssin' buddy?"
2)Someone makes a statement which induces a high shock value, an immediate response could be "wrus!!"
by richarddubs August 6, 2005
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"WRU" is short for "who are you?" when responding to a text message or email from an unknown phone number or email address.
by A. Sceptic July 1, 2010
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The WRU wouldnt let the pacifit islands to the the HAKA, wtf?
by ediblemealman March 3, 2007
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