a phrase used to emphasize that nobody cares. usually said to narcissistic people to deflate their monstrous egos
Brad: What's up Rob you tryna grab some grub?
Robert: Sure man I just got back from my adult softball league just gotta shower real quick
Brad: Damn Rob I batted cleanup back in high-school

Robert: here you go again, Bradley. for the love of god go write a book about it
by nandall October 17, 2019
The state of being so helplessly fucked that the only thing left for you to do is to write a book about your crappy life. The book will not concern matters the general populace, or even Dr. Phil, will give two shits about. The only copies sold will be to your mother and maybe, if you're lucky, to some pervert you don't even know who happens to be cursed with the same crippling victim mentality.
Joe: "Hey. I'm really sorry that you lost custody of your kid."

Sally: "I know! The judge hates women and is in cahoots with my ex-husband who has been secretly drugging me with meth for the past 3 years so that I would fail the drug test administered at the court hearing which occurred one day, plus the statutorily allowed period of time during which the court ruling could be appealed, ago. I could write a book about what I've been through."
by Thatsnotmyname May 8, 2013