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a sexual act performed by men during intercourse in which the man puts his finger in the hole that his member is not in and feels his dong through the tissue.
When I was slamming her in the ass I put my finger in her snooch and felt my dong, I pulled the "wounded-dolphin" on that bitch!
by Vaginasarewierd September 25, 2008
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When a man is taking a woman from behind in her lady flower he discreetly wets his thumb in his mouth and then without warning jams the wet digit in to her brown palace while still inside her pink sanctuary, causing the unaware woman to make the sound of a wounded dolphin, eee eee eee.
Sarah belted out an ungodly eee eee eee sound as Johnny preformed the wounded dolphin.

The party was silenced when a deafening eee eee eee sound came blasting down from the upstairs where a guest had taken his girl for some alone time. Some of the guests knew that the wounded dolphin had just taken place.
by Deathblow June 03, 2010
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