Whatever IT is... you're doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well. Usually hustling for money or other goods or services like you don't even know.
"Hey! Whatcha doin'?"

"Ohh you know, just workin' it like always. Ya dig?"
by JtotheLO October 14, 2008
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This is a portmanteau of "work" and "hibernate," meaning to work in an isolated, enclosed space for long, sustained periods of time such as days or weeks, and with limited social contact. In contrast to chronic hermitism, workination usually is periodical or cyclical, and is particularly present during the winter months.
I can't see my girlfriend and I have turned off my cell phone because I need to workinate all weekend.
by Nathan Fosse January 24, 2008
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When a small business owner says to a customer...
U can b a workin'
The business owner is implying they told the customer i am busy...but i will work u in...
Workin' means the business owner is gonna work later work harder for the customer even if it means till midnight....
WORKIN'....does not mean FASTER
If a business owner is busy and lets u be worked in..it neans they care enough to work tough for u that day....and out of respect u as the customer u need to have same due respect dont rush the job to fit ur schedule...small business means free enterprise.... go somewhere else.....
Workin'..workin extea for a customer that leads to a more personal relationship
I thought u closed at 530....uhmmmn if i am busy how can i.....just cause u r a workin and i told u i was busy... does not mean i will rush cause next thing is u will bitch about my work and that ur dog was here all day...look for happy or look for bad spoiled people...if u got to be a workin'hey u got what u wanted just not on ur time....
by PRETTY IN COPPER June 05, 2017
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Famously sputtered by the infamous chris chan while his Dad (Bob) Was demanding him to "Take down the internet!" This was more evidence of chris' heavy laziness.
Bob Chandler: Now get that god d* Stuff off of there and fast!

Chris: Im workin on it!! I wAs mAKiNG a YouTuBE VIdeO!
by Thishandleisntinuse May 31, 2020
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When you are doing work, whether it be for school or for a job, and simultaneously watching/listening to porn on your second monitor (but not jerking off).
Mom: Joey are you… workin and twerkin???
Joey: No mom it’s was a virus!!
by Long Horse Short Walk October 11, 2021
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