a good surname in wich applies the loalty in a relationship but is easly annoyed if not showed back,also he may be good a music and sports and have obvious tallent.very lovable and funny,expashaly when it comes to a friend who is a girl
by john michals August 1, 2008
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a curly headed fuck who likes men. He is a hero and knows it. Everyday his mother makes him a hero sandwhich to bring to school. He has the worst chirps also.
by ima coolguy April 14, 2009
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Mackenzie Woolley is an extremely wise and intelligent woman. Don't be rough on Mackenzie, she is an extremely sensitive person and always sees the good in people. If you know a Mackenzie Woolley, you are a very lucky person. Make friends with her. She may seem shy, but once you get to really know her, she is a wonderful woman with a beautiful personality.
by Possumfurr June 18, 2020
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The beaner whos hair is in large afro form and on closer inspection it looks like wool
Hey CHRIS your woolley afros raging go get that shit turned into a sweater.
by Wyatt Thomas Bellius May 3, 2009
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The type of girl To make it her point to make everyone she come into contact with through her days happy. She always puts a smile on your face when you walk by her in the hallways. She has a strong moral code and works hard to achieve any goals she has. She has a very caring heart full with love and happiness. Always a blessing to be around.
by Da_boss1 May 19, 2020
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Where a bunch of dumbasses hang their confederate flags off the back of their lifted bitch machines. Also a hotspot for meth and heroin.
“If you live in Sedro Woolley, you’re probably fucking your cousin or fake gangbanging.”
by 👉👈 July 15, 2020
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