A sexual pervert/predator. Usually a woodhead is a chronic masterbator. Can be found jerking off in a public place.
30 yr old man: I just fucked a teenager!
Other man: Your such a woodhead....
by Woodmaster June 18, 2006
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A guy with a particularily tiny cock attempts to cockslap a minger. Unfortunately he misses due to the ridiculous size of his manhood and feels rather embaressed. He then pisses on the girl and punches her in the face in an attempt to remove his embaresment in fact making the situation worse He can be now known as a woodhead.
Oh my god did you see that woodhead last night? He was a c right twat. I think he got arested
by alex boorman January 29, 2008
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to get head in woods or a forest
guy: dude, last night i was in the woods with my girlfriend and she gave me some woodhead!!

friend: damn, does she give good woodhead?

guy: hell yea!
by pop eye November 14, 2010
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