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A portmanteau of woman and complain. Unlike traditional complaining, when one womplains, the objective is not to state a specific grievance as much as it is to make the listener aware that one is feeling lousy about a situation or generally unsatisfied with the other person. It is not possible to defuse the situation until the speaker has stated everything they believe to be wrong about the topic they are womplaining about.

Common attributes include bringing up the past, accusations of not being understood, and refusal to elaborate when requested. Topics are usually ones which can be - and perhaps have been - discussed during normal conversation, but whose previous outcome was not satisfactory to the womplainer.

Not to be confused with an argument, in which both parties are permitted to state grievances and offer counterarguments.
As soon as I got home last night my wife started womplaining about me getting home late.

Womplainer: You never take me anywhere nice.
Target: I had no idea, you've never said anything.
Womplainer: Don't interrupt! Let me finish womplaining!
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by KyleTown May 29, 2018
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