The ability to act like shameless crack whores and arrogant liberal bitches and call it equality.
Example of womans rights to choose
Man:"Can I help ya change that tire,mam?"
Woman:"Don't you think I'm capable of doing it myself?"
Man:"Actually,no,seeing as how your 5'1",got the jack backwards and in the wrong place,and those lug nuts are rusted pretty good...;But go ahead prove me wrong."

Alternate Example:

Man:"Can I help ya change that tire,mam?"
Woman:"Don't you think I'm capable of doing it myself?"
Man:"Listen here u dumbass cunt,I just got off work,am tired and dirty,but I stopped anyway to see if I could help;Apparently not so fuck you."*drops tire iron,leaves*
by CrowTard March 10, 2006
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In the past it meant the right to hang around at home drinking laudanum while a man worked long hours at an unsafe job to give them everything they need. Nowadays the feminist definition is whatever will indulge the whim of the feminist shrieking it at you, the egalitarian definition it is that women have the right to be equally as miserable, unfulfilled and ignored as men.
Feminist definition of womans rights:
It is a woman's right to get/have/take (insert whim) because women shouldn't have to fear (pick something vaguely applicable from; being found attractive or unattractive by a man, having to defend their opinion/feelings with logic, having to do the work part of equal work for equal pay etc...)

Egalitarian definition of womans rights:
Fuck off, I've got no time for this sexist nonsense.
by ΑΩ December 17, 2016
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Something that happened many years ago that gave women the right to do what they want without having to answer to their husbands or "better halves." Now woman can have jobs vote or even run for office if they so choose to without having to deal with the cheuvantistic pigs that try to bring us down.
Man:"Woman, get back in the kitchen, and make me some pie!!"
Woman:"Fuck you!"*leaves the room.*
Man"Come on baby, lets talk about this."
Woman:"Talk about this!!"*slugs the idiot out the door and locks it so he can't get back in.*
by Amy's random thoughts July 20, 2005
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A non-existent idea created by blasphemous members of society.
Johnny: Hey Todd, you read the English homework about Woman's Rights?
Todd: What the fuck are those?
by _-double_penetration-_ January 18, 2009
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Woman's decent rights is the basic respect and human decency getting equal rights because they don't have to be put down by shithead men.
Derik: Women dont deserve rights

Becca: they do deserve rights. Woman's rights are human rights
by 1nsertBord0m January 8, 2022
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