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Origin unknown. Verb. Meaning: the act of taking a lady from behind sexually whilst she is vomitting due to heavy drinking. Alledgedly sexual excitement is heightened due to the pelvic contractions generated by the vomitting action and the helpless state of the drunken willing partner.
The missus was sick as a dog last night and I gave her a good wolfbaggin. Nothing like a good wolfbaggin after a heavy night out.
She was bending over the toilet, throwing up so I lifted her skirt pulled her knickers down and wolfbagged her.
by Lone wolf April 23, 2005
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While having anal sex, just before you climax you put your finger down your partners throat making them vomit, causing a clenching of your partners sphincter muscle squeezing your penis.
"Bob was wolfbaggin Tara last night, he said he came like a rocket!"
by FlyGuyfourthree June 21, 2015
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Derivative: Doggie Bag,

The act of middle aged man, over 40, who frequents 18+ dance clubs trying to pick up "left over" girls, i.e. any girl dancing alone. Sometimes a bolder male may even try to prey on a group of girls. When wolfbaggin, The only standard is that the girl must be no older than 1/2 the age of the male. Furthermore, if the hunt is unsucsessful inside, the males will wait out side and howl at any single or groups of girls that walk by.
I was at the club with my girlfriends, when they left me to get a drink. No sooner than that, a 45 year old man with spiked hair came up behind me and tried to grind me. I turn around, slapped him and said "quit wolfbaggin me!"
by The Fantasy Guru March 03, 2007
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