Originally intended to mean "alert to civil rights issues" or "takes an enlightened approach to civil rights", its meaning has changed. It is now associated with adopting an obsessive, blinkered or deliberately obtuse approach to certain civil rights, particularly in relation to equality. It refers to an approach which is overall and on balance harmful to society, ignores context and counterpoints, and is ignorant of the wider ramifications of the position taken.

Under the pretense of being politically correct, the "woke" person is, ironically, asleep, in that they are ignorant of or unconcerned by the harms caused by their actions. Such harms may include:
• damage to freedom of expression and freedom of association
• the diminution of comedy, and artistic license in music, to the point that it becomes dull
• stifling of conversation
• fear of expressing an alternative opinion or calling out that which is evidently nonsense
• feelings of being browbeaten, helpless and living in a dystopian society
• diversion of societal focus away from more pressing issues affecting society
• the breakdown of language and societal structures
• discrimination and prejudice against others with particular characteristics - typically those who, in a particular location or organisation, are in a majority - under the guise of improving equality and acting on behalf of the minority.

The "woke" person may be acting in their own self-interests to achieve their own ends.
They is only one person, but they has a big effect on everyone around them. They's so woke that they can't function properly in life, it's hard to understand them, and even their friends can't keep track of their pronouns.

He's so woke that he's asleep.

Wokey dokey.
by peachxylophoneduck February 9, 2022
Being "woke" means to "be paying the fuck attention to what's going on, because if you don't, you'll get fucked over and left behind". Also, "get your fucking head out of the fucking sand, you fucking lame idiot. Life isn't all about getting high and getting laid. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!"
You better get woke, because before you know it, we'll all be speaking some bastardized form of Russian.
by nmichave December 21, 2016
Today there is a new definition of "woke". You might have woke your dog up when you opened that bag of chips, but he is not "woke" as it applies today. To be "woke" means you're now informed of things you did not know. You are not "in the dark" about other societies and cultures whose past has been edited and censored to make you think it wasn't as bad as it actually was.
You might consider yourself to be woke, but you could probably still learn a thing or two.
by timmmmber March 20, 2019
Describes a state of being in which you generally question common paradigms. The word denotes that a person has a desire to research his positions on most issues before espousing ideas that are accepted. Intrinsic to the state of being woke is that you fight against systems of indoctrination such as religion, education system, racism, nutrition, etc...
I need a girl that is woke so she can help me keep my diet on point.
by Zaheer June 14, 2017
being aware of the social. and political environments regarding all demographics and socio-economic standings.
After seeing that someone is completely clueless to the latest political mess:
Me: I can't believe she doesn't know what's going on, or why it's a problem. She is so not woke.
by jinx9161 April 17, 2017
Old Definition: Awareness of our issues.

New Definition: Fake awareness of issues that don't exist, Mainly used politically. Or A left-leaning ideologist with a close-minded character.

History: The term 'woke' was used by the Black community to spread awareness of the issues they've been facing, but ever since politicians starting using it, its lost real meaning, pretty much silencing the voice of the oppressed.

It was first used by the social liberals as a political movement, but has also manage to fool its opponent who's also adapted to newer term.
Old meaning Ex: You need to wake up, stay woke about the issues America is facing.

New Meaning Ex: Hey let's spread awareness of how offensive it is to be called by gender pronouns!
by Emphazier23 June 14, 2021
Woke means politically aware. Muhammad Ali was woke, but Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods were not. Woke people are in Black Live Matter, the Green Movement, etc. They fight the system of oppression and are aware of all of its forms.
Rachel Maddow is woke.
by gent258 September 15, 2017