Something (or someone) that fails to perform to expectations - a bit shonky, dodgy, shaky or wobbly. Not very good. Origins circa late 1980's in Central Queensland.
That bicycle wheel has buckled so much that it is wocked!

My boat trip to shore was totally wocked as I became sea sick!
by doug1ness November 13, 2011
A type of cough syrup containing Promethazine and Codiene produced by the company Wockhardt. It is used for its sedative effects and usually is mixed with a soft drink when taken recreationally.
Aye bro, mix the wock with the sprite.
by SemmyXOXO February 9, 2017
Something that Lil Yachty took to Poland.
My friend: I took the wock to Poland.

Me: No, I took the woooooooooock to Poland.
by Iamnotpolish October 19, 2022
That purple & sprite in your double styrofoam cup. NOT A DRUG! an escape.
by Mr. Wock July 1, 2022
A type of cough syrup containing Promethazine and Codiene. It is used in drinks for its seducive effects; but still its not considered a drug
by Lil' yacht October 12, 2022
I wock is something that lil yachty has taken to the country of Poland. He continuously says "I took the woooooooooock to Poland"
Person 1: Lil yachty, what did you take to Poland again?
Lil Yachty: I took the woooooooooock to Poland.
Person 1: The wock or woooooooooock?
Lil Yachty the woooooooooock
by Big Black Monkey Balls October 25, 2022
Wock can be explained by somebody acting fake, acting funny or just acting not like them self
Idk man, I don’t really wanna hang with gage this weekend, he’s been acting wock