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A young woman with a 6+ body, but a face reminiscent of an old, haggardly witch. Although similar to a butterface, they have the added magical witch ability to cast hypnotic spells on unsuspecting men to make them "see" a non-witch face, and hence, be willing to date them. Once you're under the hypnosis, there's no way to break it.
Tim: Yo, that chick from last night had a slamming body!

Bob: Yeah, but she's a witchface. Be careful.

Tim: I think her face is cute ... I'm going to date her.
by nomadologie March 11, 2010
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The face of someone who has smoked meth for too long. Normally has no teeth left and strange wrinkles and scars from sores.
Woah look at that guy he has total witch face.
by Elaineheaven16 October 07, 2016
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