Mostly Irish expression for: "stop being an idiot" or "act more maturely"... literally: "act more wisely". Typically said in a scolding manner.
1. "god you look soooooo hot in that tight top..." "Hey you know I have a boyfriend, wise up."

2. "Stop acting like such a clown, it's a sophisticated party and they aren't impressed so wise up."
by Mr. Zed September 11, 2006
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When someone believes you originated from Texas or other southern state when you lived in Washington for a while and are English.
Howdy! Didn't you come from the south of the US?

No, I lived in Washington for a while and I'm English! That's a bit of a Washington wayward wise up!
by Longleggedcleggyweggy December 12, 2010
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when something is so directly obvious to everyone around you but yet you choose to ignore it. practically slapping you in the face with the truth. your so far gone that "wising up" doesn't even define your stupidity, adding the FUCK really gets you revved up; WTFU
your girl is cheating on you & everyone knows

Bill: wheres your wife?
John: shes staying late for work...
Bill: with her hot boss?
John: yea
Bill: mane, WISE THE FUCK UP!
shes fuckin him!

John: *dumbfounded*
by dreamiin April 5, 2011
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