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A term used when a Blads on tour member is "bare livid".
"Fam, I'm blivid at the lads. They're nowhere near as cool as the blads!"
by Longleggedcleggyweggy February 28, 2011
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Similar to Lads on tour, Blads on tour is a group of "black" lads who perform devilish trips to locations such as Westfield's shopping centre, London and occasionally skiing abroad in an attempt to humiliate similar "lads on tour" groups. Often Blads on tour is accompanied by a joker/outcast who is separated from the group. E.g. Blads on tour and George...
Blad: "Blads on tour are far the superior group compared to the lads on tour because we went skiing"

Lad: "Nah mate, you have got George in your group isn't it?!"
by Longleggedcleggyweggy January 12, 2011
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A pimp is someone who can exploit weak women

a mack is someone who can exploit weak women and men

A mack daddy is someone who can control other macks

A long legged mack daddy is someone who can control other mack daddy's

Long legged cleggy weggy is a play on words as Mr Obama was described as a long legged mack daddy when he ran for president and Nick clegg is running/ran for prime minister in the UK.
by Longleggedcleggyweggy May 16, 2010
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When someone believes you originated from Texas or other southern state when you lived in Washington for a while and are English.
Howdy! Didn't you come from the south of the US?

No, I lived in Washington for a while and I'm English! That's a bit of a Washington wayward wise up!
by Longleggedcleggyweggy December 12, 2010
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A punch so fierce that it kills the receiver or gives them a severe mental disability.
Extremely hard kid: "Are you ready for the One bang Extreme?"

Extremely weak kid: "errm?!"

by Longleggedcleggyweggy November 15, 2010
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When a "friend" believes you originated from Texas when infact you lived in Oregon and are English
Hey, didn't you come from Texas?

No! I think this is a case of Redneck Mistaken Identity!
by Longleggedcleggyweggy November 24, 2010
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When a person receiving a snowball to the face is knocked out or injured.
Hard Kid: "I'm ginna knock this kid out with my snow ball one bang!"

*Launches snowball*

*Crunch and flop*
by Longleggedcleggyweggy November 30, 2010
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