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formerly wisbeach. inhabited by the lowest of the low, the stupid, the inbred and the rare breed of half-human, half-tracksuit burberrious wankerous, which is a crude, low-life scallywag who only wishes to obtain cider or a knock off bottle of cheap "voddy" to consume whilst sitting on the swings in the main park.
"Gis ya fookin monay or I'll knife ya, ya big gay ars'ole!"
"Izzit geeza, duz you 'ave a rizla for me, boi?"
by i_is_2_rood_4_da_chavs March 11, 2005
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Home to Cyclops and other half-breed primordial species who procreate through interbred relationships.

Fortunately, these native vermin are now facing the threat of extinction at the hands of Eastern European migrants who are populating the area at a tremendous rate. The number would be greater if not for the fact that they are consistently stabbed, maimed, battered, abused and quite possibly eaten for their exotic taste by the local yokels.
Don't go to Wisbech
by johnobimikel September 09, 2009
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A town in cambridgeshire inhabitated by inbred, stupid, pikeys. It is not recommended to walk through Wisbech at night.
"I'm off to Wisbech for the afternoon, darling. Don't expect me home in the morning. I'll be lying a ditch, after being mugged by a gang of pikeys."
by RD October 18, 2003
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