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A person with radical political views, often members of the alt-right or those with socialist or Sanders-esque leanings, although occasionally more ideological members of major parties. Wingcucks, refuse to be pragmatic and will stick to their guns and attack even the most moderate of people who disagree politically.

Wingcucks are isolationist, being cucked by God-level organizations like the UN, NATO, EU, and by trade agreements: NAFTA, TPP. Wingcucks oppose policies that spur development and are focused on people’s private lives and morals, and on the other hand, overly focused with obscure social justice issues. Wingcucks on the right often use extremist religious and nationalist politics as a reaction to being cucked frequently. On the left, wingcucks cite marxist theory, appeals to emotion that target neoliberalism, and arguments that development is more harmful to poor countries than leaving them to be without help spurring innovation or solving conflicts.

Wingcucks are friends with other wingcucks and circlejerk about obsessive love of their heritage (on the right), or about how woke they are (on the left).
That Bernie Sanders is a real wingcuck. He’s always ranting about giving people free shit and blocking global cooperation

That Donald Trump is a real wingcuck. He plugs his ears with shit and pretends the news are lies and immigrants are the country’s biggest enemies.

Obviously Melania has been cucking Donald, because he used to be politically apathetic, and now he’s a far right wingcuck
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by Centrist Chad January 14, 2018
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