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From the Trailer Park Boys: The mysterious winds of shit that bring with it only shit luck and other shit. When you just know that all kinds of shit are gonnna happen. The shit really hits the fan when the winds of shit are blowing. Normally, the strongest winds of shit can be found in a shit hurricane. Also, keep an eye out for shit hawks, which may take advantage of the incredible thermals produced from the winds of shit.
Lahey: "You know what a shit barometer is, Bubs?"
Bubbles: "...No."
Lahey: "Measures the shit pressure in the air. You can feel it! Listen Bubs, hear that? Sounds of the whispering winds of shit.
...Beware, my friend. Shit winds are a coming."
by Chuwy May 27, 2006
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When a bad news comes your way, troubles lies ahead.
In it's literal sense it's best used to describe the body function or the art of releasing impressive stinks.

Listen Bubs, sounds of the whispering winds-of-shit.
Can you hear it? The shit clings to the air Bubs.

Would you mind to bring your winds-of-shit to your cube?
(in an Office)
by Dan The Rod Leroux August 10, 2006
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