A group of males of two or more uniting in twirling their genitalia for an audience. Usually for the purpose of disgusting a female but also to provide amusement for fans of renewable menergy.
Aneeka was disgusted after finding herself in a testerone driven windfarm.

The males united together in twirling their genitalia. It was a genuine windfarm.
by Frodo29 October 22, 2009
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When Three or more participate in the act of trapping each other under bed covers after releasing vile ass fumes. The Wind Farm is created by the combination of farticles in an upgraded Dutch Oven.
Jamie, Scott and their dog Lefty were in bed; Scott vomited on the sheets when his wife and his dog gave him the white castle Wind Farm edition of the dutch oven.
by Chedward Lazaro March 10, 2015
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