Derived from "win" and "incest".
As opposed to more common forms of incest where abuse is common, wincest must include both sibling and romantic love as well as mutually consensual sex.

As a result, wincest is almost exclusively between brother and sister, and not between parents and children. A related term, twincest, requires that the siblings be born as twins.
Not all incest is wincest, and not all wincest is twincest.

Wincest is win, but twincest is twice the win.

Cousincest can't be wincest because it's not incest.
by Anonymo_s December 6, 2010
The term "wincest" consists of both win and incest.
It's basically an act of hot sex between family members, which makes it WINcest.

Commonly used in /h/ within 4chan.
This topic requires more wincest...
by Alex Supreme January 28, 2008
Idea that partaking in incest is actually a win. Listen here, check me out. If you have a hot family member, you definitely know that they are hot and don't try act like you don't think like that because that's cap. So if you identify a hot family member such as a sister or cousin, you definitely are trying to get it on with them, and that is 100% okay. As long both sides are dtf and you guys use proper protection to avoid pregnancy and there is no baby, there is no harm done to anyone. Having sex with a hot family member is definitely a dub and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
This morning Aaron texted me to tell me that he had sex with his badass sister last night and I was so hype for him so I called him to congratulate him on the wincest.
by TurnM3Up July 1, 2020
Brotherly love of a sexual nature between Dean & Sam Winchester of the tv show Supernatural.
"OMG, Wincest is soooo hawt!" squealed the fangirl.
by vixenontheedge June 8, 2006
I was worried that it would be gross with my brother, but this incest is so fun, it's more like wincest!
by bloated teenager January 11, 2011
Wincest is when you screw around with your PC. Combination of Windows, the OS, and incest, since with the amount of time you spend on your computer it's like a family member. You usually get some sort of STD from it, since the virus disabled the firewall.
It includes but is not limited to: adding RAM, updating drivers, installing new software/hardware, and actually humping the damn thing because you're so lonely.

It is also used to describe awesome incest, but that's a swiftly aging meme.
Wincest? This dude is seriously still calling anything that? Get a life dude.
Oh my god see that guy with his laptop all opened up? Total wincest, get a room dude.
by Scrambled gEsg November 11, 2010
"where are you from?" "well golly, i dun be from dat dang wincest"
by Ty54 March 15, 2008