Like it or not. Willing or not willing. Whether you want to or not.
Willy nilly, I have to do it. Get up and go to work, willy nilly. Pay your share, willy nilly.
by C. T. Onions November 3, 2007
The management practices of certain individuals who have only come to that position of leadership because no one else could possibly deal with their sorry ass. In addition, because of their slack ass, "willy nilly" style of management, the company is going straight down the tubes!
My boss was so willy nilly, he totally phucked up the project and everyone suffered.
by Bill July 27, 2004
When people aren't doing work, and are just standing around doing nothing, avoiding work.
the only way to explain what your doing is by saying 'willy nilly'
by jachar July 18, 2006