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Noun - A special type of 'toe job.' Although the definition would imply that this is an act that can only be performed with a paid prostitute, it actually can apply to any female willing to participate in the act (bar slut, sorority girl, high school cheerleader, etc.). This is when the female lays on her back and sucks the left big toe of the male participant while he lays on his side and uses his right foot to fuck the female in the vagina with his big toe. It should be used as foreplay before sex or in place of actual sex with a girl that potentially has a variety of sexually trasmitted diseases one would not want to expose his penis to. This should be discussed with friends the next day and the male that is able to perform this act on a female should receive a 'high five' from all male friends present during the disclosure of the act.
Paul - "Holy Shit I totally gave that slut Allison a TJ Hooker last night."
Chris - "You are the man" (High Five)
by Gregory W. December 18, 2006
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