3 definitions by insanitos

Used to describe anything that is stupid or weak. Usually used to describe a particular kind of bullshit.
What is this faggotty bullshit? No Guy puts flowers in his room.
by insanitos March 7, 2004
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A religion born out of the mind of a sugar loaded child from Los Angeles. There is no set dogma except that all must study and obey the utterances of insanitos's creator who is also referred to as insanitos.
What are today's commands, insanitos?
by insanitos March 7, 2004
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The only actor in the world that spends the first half of his career building a name for himself and then spends the second half making fun of it.
Ever since he did that skit on SNL where he told people at a convention to get a life, Shatner had been mocking himself.
by insanitos January 31, 2004
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