Words uttered by very stupid men while on bended knee.
John asked his fiance " Will you marry me" but after sobering up realized what a mistake he made.
by kidlou December 19, 2010
uh who are u, no lol
(romantic music playing while the sun sets)

dude : “Hey bebehgarl I have been waiting all my entire 9 lives just to say this, Will you marry me?”

person : “uh who are u, no lol

background : “oh no they rejected them too bad so sad
by definitely not Nadia July 14, 2021
i hope jihyo and chaeyoung marry soon

채영-아 결혼해줄래?
Jihyo: 채영-아 결혼해줄래? (chaeyoung-ah will you marry me?)
Chaeyoung: ew no
by taecupful July 10, 2020