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Verb. The act of looking up something at, the prominent open source encyclopedia.

Derrivation comes from the eventual contraction of the suggestion that a person "wikipedia- it" which evolved into "wiki it" which became simply "wikit".
John: Hey, what was the 100 year war about?
Bob: I dunno, wikit.
by remove April 21, 2005
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verb. - to utilize the omnipotent online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, to learn more about any given subject.
Tony - I've always wanted to know more about Ducal House of Mecklenburg, but I never have the time to go to the library.
Milo - Dude, just wik it!
Tony - Whoa, it's a North German Princely dynasty with origins in the lords of the vend tribe Obotrites! Sweet!
by lawran February 25, 2006
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Spoken quickly, and at a higher pitch than normal--similar to a record being scratched by a DJ. To add emphasis to doing something--used at the end of the sentence. To use as a parting gesture between friends. Also, can be used as a space filler--similar to "umm."
1.Hey, lets go to the store--wik-it!

2. I'll talk to you later; peace out, wik-it!
by Keens February 09, 2004
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(Verb) A verb meaning to look something up on Wikipedia. A compound on the verb "to wikipedia" and "it". Born out of the difficulty of saying, "wikipedia it."
Luke "I'm telling you, the cello does not have a C string!"

Jeanette "Yes it does!"

Luke "Fuck it! Let's wikit. Oh fuck, I'm wrong!"
by Buzzy Davis October 02, 2007
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A conjunction of the two words, "Wikipedia" and "It." Used when a debate between friends has gotten to a point where it is clear both parties could be correct. Thus, the two decide to "Wikit," meaning to check The vast database of knowledge that is in order to see who was correct.
Dude 1: " I'm pretty sure it was Jefferson who fucked the slave girl. Lincoln freed them."

Dude 2: "Fuck. Wikit!"

Dude 1: "Ok, ok, lemme just update these firefox exstensions...FlashGOT! OMG! What the Fuck does it do?"
by Evan Shalabanjikawitz October 17, 2005
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To search for or look up something on Wikipedia
Forest: Who is Perez Hilton?
Jenny: I don't know. Why don't you wikit?
by GFlat March 22, 2010
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