Being failed on a paper/essay/project for using wikipedia as your main source of research.
Jane used wikipedia to write her essay, but her teacher wikifailed her for not having good sources.
by OmgIconoclast October 19, 2007
When someone uses Wikipedia for research and their teacher fails them because of it.
Jen used wikipedia for her research essay so her teacher wikifailed her
by Rommorwen October 22, 2007
Teacher (accusingly): "Where did you get that information from?"

Student (sheepishly): "wikipedia"

Teacher: ...

Student (in quick self-defense): "Wikifail!"
by SherlockRebecca May 24, 2010
"Wikifail" verb, n. {Wik-e-fæl} Is the frequent and most likely outcome of the user-administrated, popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Users create a "Wikifail" when they post information that is knowingly or unknowingly incorrect at the point of submission, generating mostly light-hearted responses of irritation and, in some extreme cases, anger. Anyone using the term "Wikifail" is most likely playing World of Warcraft, and feels he/she cannot be bothered correcting the mistake(s) that have led to their frustration.
(On Wikipedia): "Harry Potter is portrayed in the film series by Daniel Watson"
(WoW User): "OMG what a noob, thts the worst wikifail I've ever seen lulz"
by Ronseal April 3, 2011