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Its when a white guy tries to rap.
The following is a wigger rap free styled by my white friend:
Damn girl shake dat ass
It looks so good I wanna fuck it.
I wanna have sex with it really hard.
Skeet skeet skeet into your butthole.
Mmmmm that ass you got make me so horny.
Oh yea I'm so horny.
I'm so damn horny for that ass you got there.
I watch you walk and shake dat ass and it gives me an erection;
I have a big boner for dat ass you got shakin.
My blood is flowing into my penis
Its making it hard and erect.
Oh my god shake, damnn, shake dat booty girl.
I wanna take off your pants and then your panties and stare at your ass and jiggle your titties and stick my penis right up your rectum and move it around and ejaculate and have my sperm swim around your intestines until they dry out.
OOOOooo I love that booty;
I just cant explain it its so nice;
It even smells good;
Girllll I wanna toss your salad.
Oh yea I'm gonna do weird things to that fine ass your carrying.
Oh snap I just cummed my pants because of that hump you got girl.
I mean wow I didnt think an ass could be this sweet but that ass you got is sweet like watermelon.
And those tities you got are makin me sweat.
Sweat for those tities,
Sweat for dat ass,
Girl you gotta nice ass and you got some nice tities.
I have a big dick and I want you to play with it with your toungue.
Blowjob skeet!
Handjob skeet!
Normal sex tity sex anal sex SKEET SKEET SKEET!
Evvvvvery night when I go to sleep I dream and dream and dream about you;
About that body;
About that pussy;
About those tities;
About that ass cuz it be so fine,
Fine girl, fine like the sunshine.
Never in my life has my dick gotten so huge;
Its cumbersome.
Its gettin so big you'd have trouble fittin it in your mouth and it keeps on growin.
Skeet cum skeet cum skeet cum skeet!
Right into your pussy,
Right into your ass,
Right through your boobies,
And all over your face!!
I'm gonna make you a creamsickle.
I cream my pants when I watch you dance.
My dreams are dirty just like we were last night.
Havin sex with you doesn't even compare with masturbating to porn.
You look awesome.
Makin me crazy.
Crazy for that ass.
CRAZY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Theory's Apprentice July 03, 2006
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sucks unless your unique like eminem
or juan wall (like him on facebook)
This is usually performed by white trash who are trying to be black by rapping but end up not having any skill at all.

Please like juan wall on facebook he is the opposite of this definition.
yeah me and my homies yaahhah
im so cool cuz i think i can rap
yeah wuzzap homies im gonna chill later with my dawgs..stay chill

shutupp wigga u suck and ur wigger rap sucks get a life, also you have the skill of a tone deaf monkey with herpes in his ears. heres some real rap:
swag like biggie, rags like jay-z when he started, i am not normal but these niggas retarded, my raps not for the fainthearted, my brains somewhere out there uncharted, but i still manage to rap and will eventually get charted

monsters talkin to me in my head like paranormal activity, they give me motivation and thats most definiately, thats why my lyrics so sick, why i like my bitches thick, im backed up by the devil, and thats why you cant ever get on my level
by djpasha October 23, 2011
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