A Maritza is a combination of spicy n sexy.She always has an attitude but that doesnt keep her from having friends. She never gives a fuck about anyone or anything. Once you lose her, you lost the worlds most amazing girl. Shes loyal and a keeper! If you have her dont lose her! She knows how to party and have fun no matter what. Definetely the hottest mamasita out there.
"Did you hear Maritza is going to saturdays party"
"Now I have a motivation to go"
by lilskinnydip June 5, 2018
An outgoing and engaging person with both strangers and friends.A Maritza can enjoy being with people and always tries to bring energy into any situation. They're fun and enthusiastic, sometimes in rare occasions quite serious. Maritzas are reliable. They sometimes plan and organize their life. They are a friendly and trusting person. They tend to help others, making those with needs first than themselves.
person 1: "Hey, did you hear how Melissa needed help with her project?"
person 2: "Yea! A Maritza helped her and it came out great."
by lillynessss00 July 28, 2009
Crazy, short, fun, kick ass, sexy, wild, and unique. Usually used when describing someone.
person: " I wanted to go out and have fun but none of my friends could, so I called a Maritza and she agreed to go and party."
by ztirling July 30, 2009
A Maritza is short,funny,beautiful,perfect, and loyal.Anyone would be lucky to have a Maritza in their life.She also has a big butt and nice boobs,Maritza’s are baddies.
Hey did u see that girl?
yea that’s Maritza

she’s a baddie
by Elizabeth Ayala April 9, 2020
She is smart, confident, pretty, and goes through everything with ease. Everyone loves her and falls in love with her. Maritzas only go with people they think will have a good time with her-- there's an easy thing!
Person1: Wow. She is amazing!

Person2: What a Maritza!
by KoolKatz1209 May 10, 2012
Shy, sexy, short , smart, unique,hottie,beautiful . Out going person.
by Laflakia January 7, 2015