A girl who is a whore that everyone thinks is pretty but really is totally horrendous. She sleeps with every guy possible and is totally popular but is super ugly.
"Ew. Did you see Becky? She's whorendous!"

"I know. Gross. Who would go out with her?"

"Every guy in school!"

"But she's totally ugly!"

by SarahrockstheScene March 24, 2010
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the skanky nasty bitches your b/f cheats on you with
Did you see that bitch Chad was cybering with? She was Whorendous
by Wrenchmonkey May 17, 2006
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Misspelling of "horrendous." What are these people thinking about?
Since Shane uses the word "whore" so much, everyone thinks he is "whorendous." Everyone is stupid.
by Mr Right March 01, 2005
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