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adj. Act of being a complete whore or slut, then claiming to be completely emotionally unstable so that others will be unable to stay angry at you for your permiscious behaior. Claiming to be emo to compensate for acts of infidelity.

(i.e: An emo girl threatening to harm or kill herself after being unfaithful, in hopes that the mistake will be forgiven/overlooked by her boyfriend.)
When I confonted my girlfriend about cheating on me she threatened to slit her throat. Now I can't even break up with her because she is being totally whoremo about it.
by row!dz December 24, 2009
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a mixture of the two words "whore" and "homo". much more convenient
"damn that bitch is such a whoremo"
"Why are you such a whoremo?"
by LEXIII. May 22, 2008
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Emo girls that are whores, (89% of the emo population)
That girl is like a whore yea and I think shes emo, dosent that make her a whoremo agreed
by JJLONGSTOCKINGS April 19, 2006
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