noun- Mexican Cookery

1) a tortilla rolled and filled with a seasoned mixture, usually containing meat, and covered with a sauce flavored with chili.

2) big / top enchilada, Slang. someone regarded as the most important, influential, or dominant person in an organization.

3) whole enchilada, Slang. the entirety of something, especially something impressive or outstanding:
-The police are hoping to catch the syndicate's big enchilada in the next raid.

- She has a job with money, prestige, and satisfaction—the whole enchilada.

by JoeyXTC May 16, 2014
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it means the whole situation,the whole picture,the whole plan
ok Mark this is what you need to do for right now,when you finish come back to me so I can tell you "the whole enchilada" for the rest of the week
by SD souththeborder. February 8, 2012
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When the entirety of a mans genitalia is completely secured in another's mouth. The penis and testiscles, along with all scrotal skin is 100% out of sight and fastened in the mouth of another person, hence the Whole Enchilada.
This bitch deepthroated my cock and then opened a little wider and stuffed my balls in her mouth as well. Bitch took the whole enchilada.
by Dudefromthatplace November 2, 2019
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This phrase is used as a hyperbole to exaggerate a specific objective or pervasive idea. This can also be used as a sexual phrase. First popularized by Dr. Fiedler, it is a widely used phrase amongst the teenage age group, both appropriately and inappropriately.
1: Bro! Did you see my hit!
2: Yeah, you really went for the whole enchilada.

Boy: Did you hear about that kid who got expelled for yelling racial slurs?
Girl: Yeah, I did. He went crazy on the whole enchilada!

B1: Last night, my girl took the whole enchilada.
B2: Cool™ dude!
B3: I'm sure there wasn't much for her to take, man.
by MrRedneck October 2, 2018
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in court, when you are subpoenaed, you better be prepared to give the whole enchilada, not just what you think is important
by Sexydimma September 18, 2015
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