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The way in which a white person walks; usually defined by speedwalking, quick, awkward movements, and cutting off those he or she is walking with. Whitewalking most commonly occurs when rounding corners or in crowded areas where a white person feels the need to find his way to the head of the walking group, using any means necessary.
I can't walk to class without getting harassed by whitewalking.

In the quad, whitewalkers cut me off again.
by Dane Canada May 04, 2006
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When a prominent white person says something racist and later distances themselves from their statement, claims that they misspoke, or their words were misconstrued after they were called out on it.
“Did you hear the excuses the governor made after her ignorant comments about unemployed minorities were condemned by members of both political parties?”
“Yeah, she must have spent hours whitewalking her previous statements.”
by Heartlanddoc May 10, 2018
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