white trash, well , there is great example of one in our own home town of EB. blonde hair, cant live a minute without a ciggerette, fucks boys in the back seat, and has the most amount of herpes on her lips that i have EVER seen! She is actually discusting! she asks boys to wash there hands after they have fingered her because she knows her vagina isnt clean so it must smell. is it pancake mix or make-up? WHO KNOWS?! when her name comes up in a conversation the first thing you think of is... SLUT. obviously the second is DIRTY. She's the girl with the beautiful body, but shows it off like a fucking hooker. She cant dress for shit, so instead of having people look at what shes wearing that look at the body parts where clothes is missing. so friends of EB be ware of ashley , (let me just remind you there is more then one trashy Ashley in this town of e.b).. so be safe be careful, and dont kiss those herpe lips! ;)
Ashley is fucking white trash, nothing but a dirty slut, a crackwhore.
by lg. May 09, 2006
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the stinky gross pieces of shit that call themselves the 'roberts'
Person1: Wow Look at that Aaron kid and his greasy little brother

Person2: White Trash

Person1: Nouf' said..
by Roberts Are GREASY! June 29, 2010
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anybody who even remotely for any reason, either real or imagined, reminds you any of the above mentioned or followed descriptions.

you: "you are so white trash"
white trash: "i am whatever you say i am"

see the movie joe dirt.
and remember, "life is a garden, dig it"
by Chloe Sprite November 22, 2007
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Someone who drives a pickup truck , likes Paris Hilton , drinks 'Billy Beer' and elects guys named 'Bubba' president.
Bill 'Bubba' Clinton is such a piece of white trash , even his library looks like a trailer.
by SMOKE A PHAT ONE November 02, 2005
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Term used as a slur by other races and or "yuppies" to describe impoverished Caucasians (typically from the south or with southern mentalities) Depending on the individual being described, it may also be worn as a badge of honor to describe a hardworking White American clawing their way up from humble beginnings
Eminem in 8mile "...I'm a piece of fuckin White Trash I say it proudly..."
by Kyll July 06, 2015
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Anybody of the Caucasian race who would rather stay home half naked and smoke all day than go get a job and get of of welfare, and when i say stay home, I mean sit on your ass all day and watch porn half the time not even bothering to get up when they go to the bathroom. You can imagine what their house looks like. Also 9/10 of the population of NASCAR watchers and adults who watch WWE and still believe that it is real.
by jkldea134 April 28, 2015
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Trashy White girls that have pankcake asses and sleep with every guy in the room
Oh my gosh she is sucking his dick at the mall by GAP KIDS that's so white trash.
by Hi154489 be-yoch January 10, 2016
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