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1 definition by Larry who likes ducks alot

Unlike your common black pilled incel, virgin, beta male who has been black pilled by internet and 'society' the white pilled induvial it pretty much reverse (both fall under the social reject category). These people are usually of female descent (but sometimes men who are looking to get some pussy) and almost always white. in fact the white induvial are worse off as they often accumulated an unhealthy dose of white guilt and have to tell you how their the oppressor and how you can't be racist to them to get 'picked'.

You usually spot these alt left induvial posting performative activism post on Instagram about issue made by already uneducated people to make sure people know there one of the good ones. I wouldn't say being white pilled is as dangerous and black pilled cunt, but unlike them an average white pilled person doesn't even realise when their wokeism becomes bigotry making them very hard to cure (Acceptance is the first step and most will most likely never accept their fake ass, bitch ass self) and will mostly likely live out the rest of there days virtue signalling and slowly setting the feminist movement back.

It is also worth adding many mistake this indivual to be a reverse 'doomer' which is not always the case as they may often suffer from being only positively thinking of themselves and not the world a (narcissist). WARNING AFTER THE FALL OF TUMBLR THE TOOK TO SOCIAL MEDIAS LIKE TIKTOK AND INSTAGRAM.
white pilled subject: the fertilisation of cultural appropriation gaslights the pronouns of Marginalization and representation
a normal person: you don't know what any of that means cunt...
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