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An unhealthy sexual obsession with white people. Similar to an Asian fetish, black fetish, Latin fetish, etc. This is an underreported phenomenon, as people typically make the racist assumption that the white person is the one with the "fetish" and don't think consider that the non-white person is equally likely to have this kind of obsession.
Fred: "Hey dude, did you hear Steve is dating Chun-Li now? Dude must have an Asian fetish."
Chris: "Uhh I don't think so, man. Way to be a racist though. That guy goes for all kinds of girls. Remember, he dated LaShonda, Guadalupe, Ranjita, and Svetlana before that. He's into everything."
Fred: "Yeah I guess that was ignorant of me to assume."
Chris: "I'll tell you what though, it sort of creeps me out how much of a white fetish Chun-Li has."
Fred: "How do you mean?"
Chris: "Well, she moved from Taiwan to New Hampshire and is always hanging around country clubs, plus she told me she finds nothing hotter on a guy than a sweater vest, Sperry top-siders, and Ray-Ban wayfarers. And look at the last few guys she was with before Steve: Blake, Connor, Jacob, and Chadwick. Those guys are all 100% purebred WASPs. Textbook case of a white fetish, man."
Fred: "Yeah, that's weird. Girls with white fetishes are the worst. I hate it when women see me as a sex object rather than a person!"
Chris: "Um yeah...most guys would love that, but whatever floats your boat."
by Nicholas D April 01, 2011
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