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Methuen High School is one of the most fucked up high schools in existence. 90% of the students are either smoking during school, or posting on Facebook about their many bugouts and how they "got so muthafuckin high last night." The students there even have sex in the fucking band room. The principle walked in on them, and only God fucking knows what happened to those dumbass cunts. No one likes it there, and nobody gives two fucks about their grades. Students walk around the hallways flipping teachers off and telling them to "go fuck themselves." The food there looks worse than the shit you could find in a garbage can. And apparently one of the principles is allergic to weed, so if you want to be a dick and smoke it in the hallway, he'll get a rash when he walks by you, and your retarded-ass self will have a one way trip to a five day vacation at your house.
by Some Turd November 30, 2011

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slang for cocaine
Shelly was getting high on the white devil at the Labor Day party
by Some Turd August 29, 2015

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Someone who finds great joy in making the shitiest food ever for public events.
Dude, I went to the mass yesterday and some meatball bitch made the worst lasagna Iv'e ever tasted!
by Some Turd October 03, 2011

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