Some stupid ass who thinks being "black"
is cool and is insecure in his own
ethnic appearance.
Most every white who likes hiphop, rap,
and for what passes as R&B nowadays.
Similar people of different non-black
ethnicities are suffering under this
delusion as well but as of yet no term
has been used for them yet.
by bofe January 15, 2003
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A white person who trys to act black. They are annoying little fucktards that suck cock.
Whigger "Yo sup dawg."
Black Person "Let's kill this motha fucka"
Normal White Person "Thats what you get for acting retarded."
by Bubbathon September 05, 2004
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White people who think they're cool, because they talk, and act black, and think they grew up in the ghetto. Plus they listen to rap.
Those whiggers need to eat **** and DIE!
by Punks-TER April 12, 2003
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like nigger, only with 'wh' from the word white tacked on. Therefore meaning a whitey who acts like a stereotype of a black person.
kudoz! kudoz! kudoz!
by yo February 16, 2005
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