A phrase osu! players use whenever 727 is seen, anywhere it is seen, mostly excluding punctuations. A reference to Cookiezi's (former #1 osu! player) choke on Blue Zenith +HR (and later +HDHR) worth 727pp (performance points)

Often abbreviated to WYSI.

Variations include: When you fucking see it (WYFSI), When you don't see it (WYDSI, whenever it is 1 digit off from 727 such as 717 and 737), etc.
Example 1:
osu! Player: no I choked my first 7* fc... wait MY ACC IS 97.27% WHEN YOU SEE IT
Example 2:
osu! Player: *looks outside and sees a truck with the number 727*
Example 3:
osu! Player 1: lol check the time
osu! Player 2: OMG WYSI WYSI IT'S 7:27 PM
by Lance0 August 25, 2021
A phrase that often accompanies an image with a subtle idiosyncrasy that may take the viewer a few seconds to notice. Most of the time, it is a black person hidden in a dark area.
by bgjygumjh October 16, 2009
it is the 727pp choke play made by shigetora/chocomint/cookiezi/nathan on osu with hard rock
a friend: go right over 727 meters
me: haha when you see it *drives away from the place u need to go right*
by osugod727 February 20, 2022
A true opportunity which appears negative but may be easily capitalized based on ingenuity, hard work and a unique perspective.
When you see a lot of holes, it's time to make the doughnuts.
by T-dog-O February 11, 2010
1. You're about to die.
2. Your face is very ugly and no one wants to rape you.
3. You're high.
4. You're just stupid.
5. You're just a retard that fuckin has problems.
6. You just sucked a infected dick.
7. You're on your period.
8. You just drank some menstrual juice.
9. You saw a Michael and got high.
10. You just got Harrison'd.
11. Vanessa shoved a dildo up your ass and you enjoyed it like how a bitch enjoys a big fat blowjob.
12. Justin Bieber. 'Nuff said.
13. You read a gay chain letter email and apparently got a seizure.
14. You just saw a hot chick that mind-raped you in the ass.
15. You saw the number 15.
16. Your computer blew up on you and you became so gay that your mom gave you a fingering.

High Guy: Dude, what does it mean when you see flying platypuses?

My ass: A lot of things. Why?

High Guy: Cuz I see flying platypuses.
by Chewbacca the cat May 20, 2011
To see definitely another person in the future but no specific date,time and place yet agreed upon..

To meet up another without designated rendezvous ..

The happening of meeting up is certain to happen yet the time and place still to be finalized by the parties .
HEATHER : I'm working every day but on Thursday I'll be out for the most part maybe Friday is okay..

HENRI :: I'm not certain on Friday but let's see how things play out ... See you when I see you ..
by Jemburat December 17, 2017