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It is the top Dutch Football/Soccer league. The football league was first made in 1956 and it has 18 teams like any other football league. The top 3 best football clubs there are Feyenoord, Ajax and PSV. It is the 7th strongest football league in the world and Ajax has won it the most with winning it 28 times.
Bob: Hey, you wanna watch Feyennord and Ajax clash in the Eredivisie?
John: Hell yeah!
by F1nnley May 27, 2023
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A game that is on itch.io and newgrounds. it has 7 weeks. The game itself is great, the modding community is also great but the community self is literally cancerous. Literally when they see a swear word in a mod these 7 year old motherfuckers want to cancel the mod on twitter and there is a fuck ton of drama on there. i used to play fnf but now i quit
person 1: hello do u know what friday night funkin is
person 2: yeah its a great game but the community is full of cancerous 7 year olds
by F1nnley August 3, 2022
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a cancer app with cringy dances and trends that can be deadly for you which im forced to download from my cringy friends (they are girls)
by F1nnley December 4, 2022
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A french football/soccer league which is a farmers league since PSG wins it everytime. Also AS Monaco, a club out of Monaco plays there too since there aren't enough clubs in Monaco for a football league there. The football league was founded in 1932.
Timmy: You want to watch Ligue 1?
Jimmy: No, why do I wanna watch a farmers league?
by F1nnley May 28, 2023
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pngtubers are people that draw someone that looks similar like them irl for some, it's getting alot of hate recently
person 1: do u know what pngtubers are
person 2: yeah they are garbage
by F1nnley March 24, 2022
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A ok football club playing in the first division of the french league, Ligue 1 but they somehow lose to Lorient yet they have Messi, ramos neymar mbappe and marquinhos, their management is shit and they dont know what a ucl trophy is
''You wanna watch PSG lose against Bayern tonight?"
''Hell yeah, I wanna see PSG get embarrassed!''
by F1nnley May 28, 2023
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