it is a kind of piss which is fast and hurts abit.
damn i need a whazz
shit he whazzed himselff
im the whazz meister
by rodney March 6, 2005
when your going down on a girl and you bite the extra skin on the vagina when she is about to cum
hey jane do you want to have sex ill give you a whizz whazz
by pirlo0019 March 9, 2009
A fancy word for Penis. Your crush is 85% likelier to fall in love with you if you use this word on them. Just hearing this word sends shivers down a person's spine. This word is so effective because it stresses on the "whizz" part, causing your future partner to visualize your penis and just fantasize.
Why use "penis" when you can use this word instead?
"Hey, wanna see my Whizz-Whazz Pickle Spazz?"
"Of course! And while you're at it, why not consider marrying me?"
by bechamel lars June 7, 2019
what happens to your pee in the urinal when you are so drunk you cant keep still - the pattern you make
I appreciated the beauty of my mate's whizz whazz as it crossed and recrossed the urinal form
by johnny the bus driver December 22, 2007
Street Slang Meanin' What's Goin' On?, What's Happenin'?, Whazzup?, Whazz Poppin'?, What's Good?, What's Goodie?, How Are You Doin'?, How Yew Doin'?, How Are You?, How Yew?, How Are You Feelin'?, How Yew Feelin'?, What's Trendin'?, What's New With You?, What's New Witchu? & What's New Witcha?"
"Yo Cam'Ron!! Whazz Really Good Witcha? Nuffin. Erstreet At Ever Soo Much At Ever Str8 Thuggin', Ever Str8 Stuntin' & Ever Livin' Life Fully." - Erstreet Harlem aka Harlem, Flea, Kiery Weiry & Freshley.
by Hzr February 23, 2022