A simple yet more peaceful way to say War,

It defines a "peaceful yet hate-felt war", where one is not allowed to use actual weapons, instead is used in a peaceful way of words, and may be allowed to be used in stupid discussions.
Whar is widely known in the phrase "Whar is Whar."
"Mia and Aero went to whar yesterday over whether or not berries are great sources of food."
by Darlinqqbunni January 15, 2022
Whar is either the unfortunate typo of What, or the intentional subsequent shamings of the initial typo maker.

Users of whar are split into:
·The initial mistake maker
·Everyone else
Mistake maker: "Hi guys"
Mistake maker: "Whar"

Person 69: "Hi guys Whar"

Person 420: "Hi guys Whar"

Everyone else in the universe: "Hi guys Whar"
by keklum March 14, 2022
Whar? Is a national word, but it has been mainly used by me in the days yet not invented by me but has became a national word a bit. It has been used by many people was created by a misspell of "what". This is the definition of "whar" used as a misspell of "what"
"Whar? What happened"
by DaSickBorx October 29, 2022
whar is an alternate version of what? but its more goofier and better
person 1: school is not not not cancelled today
person 2: whar?
by Variable01 November 23, 2022
a white 3D model of a generic man holding a question mark with no facial features, body structure and whar
by wharjoker4818 September 2, 2022